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"ele-king vol.10" Tsutomu Noda + Masato Matsumura (edited)


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■The current state of young indie heroes
It doesn't end underground.
u-25 new generation special feature!

Tetsumaru Fukuda (Rapid Tokyo)
Mitsufumi Shimotsu (Dancing Country)
jake bug
Mitsume, Fla$hBackS, Mahitu the People, Dragon, etc.

Tetsumaru Fukuda + Mitsufumi Shimotsu go to the sea (lots of new photos!)

■Bedroom Chill Out
Festivals are not the only stage of summer! A special feature on the most relaxing chill-out music that will guide you to the strongest "room listening".

Washed Out et al.
◎Room listening disc guide 40!
■New series starts!
Popular in web ele-king, Mikako Brady, the opinion leader of UK culture & Junko Kaneda, the strongest assassin of BL criticism, appears!

Interview & work released!  First 16 pages!

■ Kazushi Hosaka x Manabu Yuasa "Music Talk Part 1"

The 2nd renewal of other great enhancements!

☆Comes with an e-book version reading coupon!
Are you throwing away your accumulated ele-king?
A coupon that can be viewed at any time as an e-book that can be thrown away is attached!
ele-king recommends smart storage!

Release date: 2013/7/12