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【Now accepting reservation!】Tomato Ketchup Boys『The First Encounter Of This Odyssey』LP


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Tomato Ketchup Boys『The First Encounter Of This Odyssey』


★Limited Edition

Tomato Ketch" is a high-purity rock band that leads the next generation of the indie scene! Tomato Ketchup Boys" is the long-awaited first full-length album by "Tomato Ketchup Boys", a band with a loud sound via garage, punk, and alternative music, emotional vocals and melodies, and a borderless rock sound that is not bound by any genre or style. The long-awaited first full-length album by "Tomato Ketchup Boys" is now available on analog vinyl!

In addition, they are the hottest band in the Tokyo street scene with a straightforward performance that sticks to their own style regardless of the scale of the event, from festivals such as SUMMER SONIC 2018 to circuits and live houses, and they are gaining hot support! The Libertines are the most popular band in the Tokyo street scene! The Libertines, The Clash, The Jam, Oasis, Pavement, Iceage, Twin Peaks, The Courtneys, and more...from the 70's to the present, they have inherited the genes of UK/US rock, but sublimated them into their original style, and this is a new era of rock sound suitable for the beginning of the 20's!


■Track list


  • SIDE-A:
  •  1.Intro(First Contact)
  •  2.Revolution Summer
  •  3.Blue Moon
  •  4.Portrait
  •  5.Dugout
  •  6.Wanderer
  •  7.Phase
  • SIDE-B:
  •  1.Certain Romance
  •  2.Abu
  •  3.Through The Dark
  •  4.Mother Ship