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Format: CD
Price: ¥2,500 + tax
Release date.:2022/07/20

★"from Scratch" sticker (100x100mm) enclosed.

The new release as MONJU is also fresh in the memory, and ISSUGI has released his 9th album after 2 years! VANY, BES from Scars, SPARTA, stz(oneness), DJ Shoe, DJ K-Flash, 16FLIP and Daworld.

◆He is a member of SICK TEAM with MONJU, who is a central figure in DOGEAR RECORDS, and Budamunk and 5lack, and continues to release works in various forms, not only as a solo artist but also as BES & ISSUGI and ISSUGI & DJ SHOE. Rapper ISSUGI is also highly regarded for his activities as beat maker/DJ name 16FLIP.
◆With the long-awaited new release as the unit MONJU with Hermit Palm and Mr. PUG still fresh in their minds, the release of an original album under the name ISSUGI is now confirmed, the ninth album under the ISSUGI name in two years since 2019's "GEMZ", which will feature Hermit Palm, Mr. PUG and Mr. PUG. PUG, as well as familiar faces such as KID FRESINO, Eujin KAWI and VANY of Fluorine Cat Building, and BES, who have jointly released two albums so far, "VIRIDIAN SHOOT" and "PURPLE ABILITY", and also includes SPARTA, who are performing with ISSUGI for the first time, and Tokyo-based The album also features stz from Tokyo hip-hop crew oneness, who have collaborated for the first time on an ISSUGI track.
◆The album is mainly produced by DJ SCRATCH NICE, a producer who has collaborated with the group many times, most notably on their joint album UrbanBowl Mixcity released in 2015, and includes tracks produced by 16FLIP. DJ Shoe and DJ K-Flash also scratch on the tracks.
※The CD includes a "from Scratch" sticker (100x100mm) as a bonus.

■Track list

  • 1. Dime
  • 2. G.U.R.U. ft Mr.PUG
  • 3. April ft Eujin KAWI, KID FRESINO, BES
  • 4. from Scratch
  • 5. Game Changer
  • 6. Rare ft VANY
  • 7. Real ft SPARTA
  • 8. Perfect blunts
  • 9. Ethology ft stz, senninsho
  • 10. 366247
  • 11. End roll