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Beach Fossils『Bunny』CD


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Beach Fossils『Bunny』CD

Format: CD
Price: 2,400yen+tax
Release data: 2023/06/02

Beach Fossils, creators of the Brooklyn indie scene in the 2010s, release their 4th album "Bunny", their first original album in 6 years since their 3rd album "Somersault" released in 2017!

Somersault" is a departure from the 2010s Brooklyn sound synonymous with "Captured Tracks" that DIIV, helmed by Beach Fossils and former member Zachary Cole Smith, had been creating up to that point. The band's new pop-ness, which actively incorporates strings and other elements, and a sound that evokes the yang of neo-acoustic and guitar pop, as well as Dustin Payseur's skill as a vocalist, which has grown considerably, have successfully brought listeners into a sweet and comfortable dream world.

The new direction expressed after "Somersault" has been pushed even deeper in this album, while the band has matured "now" and has once again returned to that time with indie-pop songs. The album is a nostalgic album. The album starts off with "Sleeping On My Own," a nostalgic song with sparkling guitars and nostalgic and emotional vocals by Dustin Payseur that sticks in the back of your mind, followed by the gentle indie pop of "Ride On," which will make you feel as calm as a fireplace warming up the freezing winter. The third track, "Don't Fade Away," is a dreamy song reminiscent of the band's early indie sound, but the band's maturity is evident in the intensity of the vocals and instrumentalists that make the song captivating rather than vigorous. The sixth track, "Dare Me," also shows the band's maturity, as the band succeeds in taking the pop melody lines that were refined on the third album and putting them on the sound that Beach Fossils excelled at in the early days of their career.

The second half of the album includes "Tough Love," the most Beach Fossils-like song on the album, and the epic shoegaze song "Numb," a gentle, emotional masterpiece that will hit indie listeners square in the face and take them from the Beach Fossils of the past to the new Beach Fossils!

■Track list

  • 1. Sleeping On My Own
  • 2. Run To The Moon
  • 3. Don't Fade Away
  • 4. (Just Like The) Setting Sun
  • 5. Anything is Anything
  • 6. Dare Me
  • 7. Feel So High
  • 8. Tough Love
  • 9. Seconds
  • 10. Numb
  • 11. Waterfall