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Vulfpeck『Thrill Of The Arts』CD


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Vulfpeck『Thrill Of The Arts』

Format: CD
Price: 2,400 yen + tax
Release date:2021/08/04


Vulfpeck's 2015 minimal press rare first album, which continues to increase addicts around the world, is finally here for the first time in Japan!

LA-based minimal funk formed in 2011 by bassist Joe Dart, keyboard Woody Goss, former Dear Disco guitarist Theo Katzman, and keyboard player / drummer Jack Stratton. Band: Vulfpeck. A memorable first with the famous player David T. Walker, the already familiar Joey Dosik, and the guitarist and producer Blake Mills who also participates in the side project The Fearless Flyers. The album is finally officially released!
"Back Pocket" featured in the CM song for "Apple iPhone X", the scorching funky number "Funky Duck" featuring Antwaun Stanley, a singer who also participates in the works of Cory Wong and Scary Pockets, and David T. Walker. ・ From the vintage soul "Game Winner" in which Walker participated, the happy Christmas song "Christmas In LA", and the beautiful instrumental fusion "Smile Meditation", you are finally invited to the world of meditation.A first and undisputed masterpiece that spices up soul / funk-pop with an ensemble of transcendental techniques and a unique pop sense!

■Track list

  • 1. Welcome To Vulf Records
  • 2. Back Pocket
  • 3. Funky Duck
  • 4. Rango II
  • 5. Game Winner
  • 6. Walkies
  • 7. Christmas In L.A.
  • 8. Conscious Club (Instrumental)
  • 9. Smile Meditation
  • 10. Guided Smile Meditation