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Format: CD
Price: ¥2,600 + tax
Release date:2022/11/23

★Supervision and commentary: Toshikazu Kanazawa (Light Mellow)
★Bonus tracks included

The jazz version of Monkey House? The debut album from the Modern Times Ensemble, a truly unique global collaboration featuring artists from all over the world! A superb jazz take on the Steely Dan love!

A unique urban contemporary jazz vocal gem with Steely Dan influences, a seven-piece middle ensemble and the crisp voice of Ursula, a female singer from Vienna. The cover of Donald Fagen's 'Maxine' is so exciting that we can't stop singing it!
――Toshikazu Kanazawa

Debut album by the Modern Times Ensemble, led by Zurich-based Paolo Montrone and comprising musicians from New York, Vienna, London, Pescara, Los Angeles, Denver, Paris, Hamburg and Rome.
In addition to a sound and melodies that sound like a jazz interpretation of Steely Dan's chord work, the coquettish and bubbly voice of female vocalist Oozla Gestbach is quite charming. The song 'Ramen Dilemma' is one of them.

■Track list

  • 1. News From The World
  • 2. Ramen Dilemma
  • 3. Again, I Forget
  • 4. Still Tomorrow
  • 5. Nero's Blues
  • 6. Wonder Why
  • 7. Maxine
  • 8. Unmistakably Clear
  • 9. October Sky *Bonus Track