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Format: CD
Price: ¥2,500 + tax
Release date:2024/04/03

ASCENT, the first album by LA-based Japanese DJ/beatmaker KAPSOUL, has been released! The album is a supremely dope jazz-hip-hop album featuring Senninsho and B.D. from Japan, AA Rashid, BLU, Declaime and Georgia Anne Muldrow from the US, as well as jazz musicians!

The first album "ASCENT" by LA-based Japanese DJ/beatmaker KAPSOUL, who boasts a career spanning over 20 years and is well-known amongst core heads in Japan for his collaboration with Senninsho on "GaryPayton", has just been released!

From Japan, we have Senninsho and B.D.. From the US, New York rapper AA Rashid, who is a regular contributor to Westside Gunn's productions, as well as Dudley Perkins (Declaime), who is known for his releases on Blu and Stones Throw, which are highly popular in the LA underground, and Georgia Anne Muldrow, In addition, KAPSOUL's own group, Black Hair Imperial, has gathered a dope line-up of artists connecting Japan, Los Angeles and Detroit.

The album also includes jazz instrumental tracks with a jazz flavour, with the participation of jazz musicians with whom he has a close relationship, and appeals to a wide range of people, including jazz lovers as well as hip-hop fans!


「LAアンダーグラウンド界を長く支えてきた重要人物。自分がMPCでビートを作るきっかけになったプロデューサー」 ──BudaMunk


■Track list

  • 1. 5AM
  • 2. LOAFER Feat. AA Rashid
  • 3. Y2KDNA Feat. Black Hair Imperial
  • 4. NARE NO HATE Feat. B.D.
  • 5. DO THAT Feat. Black Hair Imperial
  • 6. HERO’S OF THE UNDERGROUND Feat. Black Hair Imperial
  • 7. MEISO Feat. B.D., 仙人掌
  • 8. MEGAPHONE Feat. BLU, Black Hair Imperial
  • 9. 90014
  • 11. GARY PAYTON Feat. 仙人掌
  • 12. SAME THANG Feat. Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow
  • 13. ASCENT

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