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JUN MIYAKE『June Night Love』CD


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JUN MIYAKE『June Night Love』CD

Format: CD
Price: ¥ 3,000 + tax
Release date:2022/02/02

★Initial limited edition
★ Paper jacket specification

Includes 'Could it be real?', 'I knew I was' and others, which took the world by storm when used in a TV commercial starring Andy Warhol. Featuring top Japanese players such as Motohiko Hino, Yasuaki Shimizu, Shuichi Murakami and Daiji Miyamoto, the 1983 album brilliantly captures the historical background of the transition from modern jazz to fusion.

The video/cassette tape commercials for which Jun Miyake, a well-known musician, composed the music, are still classic images that have been passed down from generation to generation. Jun Miyake's first album "June Night Love" (1983), which included music used in those commercials, has finally been reissued! The album includes the aforementioned songs such as 'I knew I was' (M5), in which electric bass and synth sounds are intertwined with Miyake's flugelhorn and Yasuaki Shimizu's tenor saxophone, and 'Could it be real? The album also includes acoustic jazz songs such as 'You would smile so' (M4), dedicated to his teacher Terumasa Hino, and 'Scorpio' (M6), which won a composition prize at a competition in Massachusetts when he was living in New York. The album is not only a testament to his talent as a player, who has given outstanding performances with a host of eminent musicians, but also as a composer and arranger, who has demonstrated a wide variety of styles on his first album! This is the world's first reissue of the album, faithful to the original as much as possible, including a reprint of the interview with Jun Miyake and Terumasa Hino that was enclosed with the original record!

■Participate musicians
Motohiko Hino (Drums) / Yasushi Shimizu (Tenor Sax) / Oji Miyamoto (Soprano & Tenor Sax) / Shuichi Murakami (Drums) / Kenji Takamizu (Electric Bass) / Kosei Uchida (Acoustic & Electric Piano) / Kazumasa Akiyama (Electric Guitar) / Hideo Kawahara (Acoustic Bass/ Nozomi Nozomi (Keyboards)/ Kenji Kitajima (Electric Guitar)/ Hiromu Yabata (Electric Guitar)/ Izumi (Chorus) Hoka

■Track list

  • 1. A thoughtfull touch
  • 2. Could it be real?
  • 3. 34 west 10th street
  • 4. You would smile so
  • 5. I knew i was
  • 6. Scorpio
  • 7. Riverside cafe
  • 8. Be with us