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“ “4 minutes 33 seconds” theory: What is music?” Atsushi Sasaki (author)


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Get to the heart of John Cage!
Is “silence” possible? Why is it 4 minutes and 33 seconds? What is happening there? The long-awaited controversial work is finally here!

John Cage's "4'33" is one of the world's most famous "contemporary music" works. More than 60 years after its premiere in 1952, this work still sounds (or rather doesn't) sound fresh, and continues to inspire many musicians.
Critic Atsushi Sasaki's legendary series of lectures, ``Thinking about ``4 minutes and 33 seconds'''', in which he thoroughly talked about ``4 minutes and 33 seconds'' from various perspectives over a total of 5 times and over 10 hours, has finally been published as a book!  This is an unprecedented book with a total length of 4 minutes and 33 seconds!

Release date: 2014/5/30