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“ele-king Vol.11” Masato Matsumura + Tsutomu Noda (eds.)


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☆Success is the best revenge――
The cover and opening interview is a long interview with tofubeats, the future revolutionary of the J-pop scene!

☆First feature: Let's laugh in a dystopian world
Taking this word, which is the antonym of utopia, in a positive light, we will explore the latest trend that no one is talking about yet, which can be called Internet punk, which uses technology to its advantage!

Conversations, columns, thorough disc guides, book guides!!
■ Naohiro Ukawa x tomad
■ Kazushi Iida x Uminekozawa Melon
■ Dystopia Disc Guide 40
■ Ultra Demon
■Second Special Feature: Pop Art Music

■ Yoko Ono
■ Ryuta Ushiro (Chim↑Pom)
■ Shuta Hasunuma

special interview
■ Oneohtrix Point Never

Opening photo gallery
■ Masayuki Shioda

Special discussion
■ Kazushi Hosaka x Manabu Yuasa is currently being serialized!

Mikako Brady
"Anarchy in the UK Gaiden"
Junko Kaneda
“Revue V2 looks the strongest with both light and darkness”
The new series is also going great!
Tsuchika Nishimura, Ryo Isobe, Seiichi Yamamoto, Shin Futatsugi, tomad