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High Sunn『welcome to life』LP


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High Sunn『welcome to life』LP

Format: LP

★First complete limited edition
★With Obi
★Exclusive Vinyl 

With the finish of the first nationwide tour, San Francisco project, High Sunn, is ready to announce the long awaited studio release “welcome to life” via P-Vine. 

It has been some time for a full fledged release from the prolific songwriter, Justin Cheromiah, who founded this project at the early ages of 14 years old. Living through his early 20s, Cheromiah has experienced life in all facets and is ready to share his next story to the world. With a solid 10 song standout tracklist, Cheromiah has gone in a more defined direction that is heavily focused on lush and distorted rhythms that pulls on the heartstrings of adolescent memories. 

High Sunn has always wanted to make this type of release and is finally able to showcase a year’s work to the public. All self produced and engineered by Justin Cheromiah himself, he had the opportunity to work with long time live drummer, Jo Jensen, for a majority of the album, to bring life to the tracks’ heartbeat. After many revisions and rough drafts, the album covers the vast life experiences of what it means to overcome the anxieties of a new path. The label of this new sound is quoted from Cheromiah himself as “brightcore”.

Even though influences came from a lot of shoegaze tracks, it does not follow traditional structure. With bright glittering guitars, the tracks are sonically reminiscent of what it feels to breathe crips air in the spring wind. Cheromiah’s charming and unique softness brings the image all together through “poppy” leads and licks that pays homage to his mentors in the music industry.

The songs of “welcome to life” feature bright distorted guitars, tight production, and breathy harmonious vocals that will tingle the eardrums of many listeners. Following this concept, Cheromiah mostly sings poems of how love can be taken into many different directions and what we can take away from platonic or romantic bonds. 

With a brand new live performance setup, listeners will have a better chance of seeing these songs live for the first time after a long live hiatus from the project. He is joined by live musicians, Jo Jensen (drums), Jake Chaehyun (lead guitarist), and Rohit Dutta (bassist). With the 4 year live hiatus, high sunn comes out strong and finishes their first ever nationwide tour. Now, from December 7-14, they will be touring Japan. This will be the first time Cheromiah will be traveling internationally as he eagerly awaits more amazing opportunities like this one. 


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■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. shihanʼs dialogue
  • 2. kind
  • 3. shape of them
  • 4. remove b4 itʼs too late
  • 5. saving that one last wish
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. end of our paradise
  • 2. raven glitch
  • 3. candlestick 
  • 4. alternate touch feat. Yua Uchiyama
  • 5. moonlight