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Yoshiko Sai Live Recordings (Box + Limited LP + Poster)


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Yoshiko Sai Live Recordings (Box + Limited LP + Poster)

Yoshiko Sai / Live Recordings (Box + Limited LP + Poster)
Price: 6,000 yen + tax (No tax billing from us to customers outside of Japan)
Release date: Nov. 15, 2023

【Special gift for customers : Signed postcard of Yoshiko Sai & Jojo Hiroshige】
※The white side will have signatures


★Caution :  Although the box can hold the live recording LPs from P-VINE (PLP-7629/30, PLP-7631, PLP-7632/3), those 3LPs aren't included in the item. You can buy them through our store separately, please check the item pages of each item.  

After 2 years of hiatus from releasing "Yoshiko Sai Complete Works", P-VINE delighted to announce the release of another special LP box (Cardboard box + OBI-strip) that can hold her live albums of Yoshiko Sai!
The item includes a double-sided B3 poster and a limited LP featuring her live performances on FM Tokyo in 1979, and previously unreleased demo takes recorded at her home! This item will be out with completely limited pressing, don't miss out on this opportunity!

Yoshiko Sai also commented on the release of this analog box!


~Message from Yoshiko Sai~

In the wake of Pandemic, it has been re-recognized the importance of real contacts.  I haven’t play concerts many times because I have focused too much on creation.  So, it’s a wonderful surprise for me, too, that those sound sources of such a few live performances will be published as a box style.  Although they are rough musically, unlike studio recordings, I would be very happy if you could enjoy the real feeling of each performance. Thank you so much!!




●Product contents
・Outer box to hold four live albums from P-VINE
・Limited LP (Live at FM Tokyo 1979.1.28 and home recording demos (Previously unreleased))
・B3 size double sided poster (Front: An illustration by herself / Back: A photo taken in 1970s)

 ●What the box can hold
[PLP-7629/30] 1976.6.29Live At Kyoto Yamaichi Hall (Not included to the item)
[PLP-7631] 2014.9.26Live At Shibuya Mt.Rainier Hall (Not included to the item)
[PLP-7632/3] 2015.5.29Live At Shibuya O-nest (Not included to the item)
・[PLP-7675] 1979.1.28 FM Tokyo & Home recordings (Included)

■Track list

  • SIDE-A (Live at FM Tokyo broadcasting / 1979.1.28):
  • 1. 春の夢 (Haru No Yume)
  • 2. 蝶のすむ部屋 (Chou No Sumu Heya)
  • 3. ひとよ酒 (Hitoyozake)
  • 4. 遍路 (Hennro)
  • 5. 眠りのくに (Nemuri No Kuni)
  • SIDE-B (Home recording demos):
  • 1. 紅い花 (Akai Hana)
  • 2. ふりむかないで (Furimukanaide)
  • 3. 日傘をさしたら (Higasa Wo Sashitara)
  • 4. きらきら (Kira Kira)
  • 5. ひとよ酒 (Hitoyozake)