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Yoshiko Sai 『1976.6.29Live At Kyoto Yamaichi Hall」LP


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Yoshiko Sai『1976.6.29Live At Kyoto Yamaichi Hall』 LP

Format: 2LP
Price:5,500 Yen+Tax 
Release Date:2023/10/18

★2 LP set
★With Obi


This is a live recording from 1976 of Japan's legendary female singer, Yoshiko Sai. Sai made her debut with the album "Mangekyo" in 1975. In July 1976, she released her second album "Mikko," which is still highly regarded as a classic worldwide.

This recording captures a long live performance just before the album's release. In 2008, a live recording collection titled "LIVE 1976/79" which was released on CD from P-VINE, featuring seven tracks from this day's recording. However, this release features the complete performance of all 17 songs for the first time, including all the songs from the album "Mikkou," as well as unreleased tracks and cover songs!

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. 酔いどれ芝居 (Yoidore Shibai)
  • 2. 紅い花 (Akai Hana)
  • 3. 波止場 (Hatoba)
  • 4. 漂流船 (Hyouryusen)
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. 絹の道 (Kunu No Michi)
  • 2. 冬の地下道 (Fuyu No Chikamichi)
  • 3. 春 (Haru)
  • 4. 鏡地獄 (Kagami Jigoku)
  • SIDE C:
  • 1. 逢魔ヶ時 (Oimagatoki)
  • 2. 天使のように (Tenshi No Youni)
  • 3. 恋した人へ (Koi Shita HItoe)
  • 4. 海へ (Umi E)
  • SIDE D:
  • 1. 眠りの国 (Nemuri No Kuni)
  • 2. 人のいない島 (Hito No Inai Shima)
  • 3. 母さまのうた (Kaasama No Uta)
  • 4. 密航 (Mikkou)
  • 5. 赤い靴 (Akai Kutsu)