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Yoko Nagisa / Yukari Onishi and the New World "Old Diary / Summer Night Samba" 7inch


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Nagisa Yoko / Onishi Yukari & Shinsekai "Furui Nikki / Natsu no Yono Samba"

Format: 7inch
List price: 1,800 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/08/04

★ Keep It Rollin '45th x 45rpm !!
★ First limited production
★ Pella jacket specifications


GROOVY WAMONO Kayo! !! !! A special tribute that revived the early R & B songs in Heisei with the heart of Akiko Wada, the queen of Showa rhythm and blues. Two songs are finally converted to analog in the Reiwa era from the famous compilation that is full of the hot spirit of young Tsuwamono!

In 2003, in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Akiko Wada's singer life, a good project by young artists at that time who covered early masterpieces, the album is called "That bell is ringing me".
Side A is a masterpiece that the late Yoko Nagisa powerfully covered one of Akiko Wada's representative songs, "Old Diary"! A funky and gorgeous remake with the participation of wind instruments as well as percussion Chito Kawachi as a back musician! On the B side, Yukari Ohnishi and Shinsekai cover the groovy Latin song "Summer Night Samba"! The intro that begins with percussion and cuica samba break is seasoned in a funky rock style with a Hammond organ and a heavy guitar. In the summer of Reiwa 3rd year, in 1996, "we are the ones who ring that bell"! !!

■ Track list

  • 1. Yoko Nagisa / Old Diary
  • 1. Yukari Ohnishi and the New World / Summer Night Samba

Dedicated to Yoko Nagisa, who died in 2018.