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WILD CHILLUN『獄つなぎのアニマル c/w Hot Dog Blues(Live)』7inch


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ワイルドチルン『獄つなぎのアニマル c/w Hot Dog Blues(Live)』

Format: 7inch
Price: ¥1,800 + tax
Release date:2020/6/17

W.C. Callas + Chihana's hard blues'n'rock WILD CHILLUN First analogue release, the A-side is 'Jailbait Animal' from the album 'Rock & Roll Fantasy'. On the album it was crossfaded with the previous song, but this time it is the complete version. The B-side features 'Hot Dog Blues' from a live performance at Koenji JIROKICHI, a venue they perform at on a monthly basis. It's got a realistic feel, and the energy isn't half bad either!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. 獄つなぎのアニマル
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Hot Dog Blues(Live)