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“Reissued Rock Pictorial Honey Pie Special”


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"Rock Gaho'', which was first published in 2000 with the "Happy End Special'' and ended with the "Naked Larrys Special'' in 2006 and 25 volumes in total, celebrated its 40th anniversary on Billboard Live (Tokyo/Osaka) last year and in May this year. Sentimental Street will be revived with the "Honey Pie Special'', which is a part of the roots of Japanese rock along with Happy End, which is heating up beyond time and space!

With the cooperation of these menacing members, it is certain that the content will be unique to "Rock Gaho'', which is rich in nutrients and tonics.
The editors are Shinichi Ogawa, Naotaka Hirasawa, and Akira Kato, and the cover is by Hideyasu Moto, the best members!

★ With special sampler CD
Akira Kato, Shinichi Ogawa, Naotaka Hirasawa (editors)