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"K-Punk: Methods of Dreaming: Books, Movies, and Dramas" Mark Fisher (Author)


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"K-Punk: Methods of Dreaming: Books, Movies, and Dramas" Mark Fisher (Author)

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Release date: 2023/9/26

Mark Fisher Critical Selections
Literature/Film/Drama Edition

Mark Fisher, a brilliant, ever-burning, and ferociously intense thinker who has never ceased to investigate and intellectually refine the "lost futures" of today in the face of the political, psychological, external and internal oppressions that plague our lives, is the most important political text of the 21st century, He is the author of "Capitalist Realism," the most important political text of the 21st century and a must-read for everyone, which exposes the unique "realist" style imposed by post-1979 capitalism and its internalization by leftist liberals, while never abandoning the cause of socialism, a cause that has lost its "realism" for the time being. The critic who continued to think without abandoning the cause of socialism, a cause that has now lost its "realism. A thinker who has been praised by Slavoj Žižek, Russell Brand, Owen Jones, and others, and who has inspired many musicians, including Mark Stewart and Belial.
 When the post-left was faced with Brexit, when it was considered "mature" to condemn the inertia of the old left and "lean right," Mark Fisher confronted how to break free of that inertia and did not identify with the easy "lean right.
 The origin of his popularity was his legendary blog, "K-Punk," which was the starting point of an intellect that never became an academic, but always took popular music, movies, and popular literature as its starting point, while avoiding the temptation to fall into popular panderings.
 The selected collection from "K-PUNK" has been divided into three volumes and is finally being translated and published. The first volume is the "Literature/Film/Drama" section. The foreword is by Simon Reynolds.
 Fortunately, we can return to his writings, and in them we can always find Mark Fisher, who is passionate and never gives up on the future, no matter how pessimistic he may be.

Authors and works featured in this book:
Kafka, W. S. Burroughs, J. G. Ballard, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Patricia Highsmith, David Peace, Toni Morrison, Kazuo Ishiguro, Richard Matheson, Christopher Nolan, David Cronenberg, " Star Wars," "The Shining," "Breaking Bad," "Toy Story," "WALL-E," "Batman," "The Terminator," "Avatar," "The Hunger Games," Bryan Ferry, Joy Division, and many others

Mark Fisher's "K-Punk" blog was required reading for a generation. ─ ─ "The Guardian".

An indispensable guidebook for inventing a new world that makes sense to everyone. ─ ─ Holly Herndon, electronic musician

Fisher is the most reliable navigator of our time. ─ ─ David Peace

No more interesting English writer has appeared in this century. ─ ─ The Irish Times

A primer on how to write cultural criticism in the 21st century. ─ ─ LA Review of Books

The culture of our time has eliminated both the concept of the public and the figure of the intellectual. What was once a public space - both physical and cultural - has been abandoned or turned into an advertising colony. Private, well-educated pushers in the employ of the multinational corporations that dominate and cheer on the idiotic antinomianism reassure bored readers that you need not bother to wake up from your interactive daze. Informal censorship, internalized and propagated by late capitalist culture workers, produces a banal conformism that even the Stalinist propaganda director can only dream of how wonderful it would be if he could force it on people. (From this book.)

Foreword by Simon Reynolds
Preface from the Editor (Darren Ambrose)
Why K?

Part I
Methods for Dreaming: Books

Memes of the book
Space, Time, Light, All You Need - A Discussion of the "J. G. Ballard Special" (BBC4)
Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan
The Brightly Colored Swing Boat at the Mobile Amusement Park
What is the Politics of Boredom? (Ballard remix 2003)
I Want to Be Your Fantasy
The Fantasy Toolkit: Stephen Meisel's "State of Emergency"
The Assassination of J.G. Ballard
A World of Anxiety and Fear
Ripley's Gram.
Methods for Dreaming
Atwood's Anti-Capitalism
Toy Stories: The Magician, the Puppet, and the Horror Story
Zero Books Statement

Part II
Screens, Dreams, and Ghosts: Film and Television

A Spoonful of Sugar
That Man Is Not My Mother
Nigel Burton, Stand Up
Portmeirion: The Ideal Life
Materialism on Golgotha Hill
This movie doesn't move me.
Fear and Misery of Third Reich Rock 'n' Roll
We All Want
The Gothic King Oedipus: Subjectivity and Capitalism in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins
When We Dream, Do We Dream We Are Joey?
A Memoir of Cronenberg's "Existenz"
I Filmed It, So I Don't Have to Recall It Myself
Marker's Ghost and the Reality of the Third Way
Anti-identity politics
'You've always been the caretaker here': the ghostly space of the Overlook Hotel
Cafe Chains and POW Camps
Rebellion without Reason
Historian Robot among the Ruins
Mike Tyson the Movie
They Killed Their Mothers": "Avatar" as a Symptom of Ideology
Job insecurity and paternalistic warmongering
Returning the Gift: Richard Kelly's The Button of Doom
Contributions to Society
Just take it easy and enjoy it": Subjectivity on the BBC
'Star Wars' sold out its soul from the start
Gillian Wearing's review of Self Made
Batman's political turn to the right
Remember who the enemy is
The Shore Between Good and Evil: "Breaking Bad"
The TV broadcast where class disappeared: "Benefits Street"
The Enemy Who Sides With: The Americans, Undercover Spy
How to Let Go: "Leftovers", "Broadchurch", "The Missing"
The Strange Death of British Satire
Terminator: New Beginnings: Genisys Review
The House That Fame Built: "Celebrity Big Brother
Pity the Android: The Twisted Morality of "Westworld