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"How Namco Changed the World: The Birth of Game Music" by Shigihara Moriyuki


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"How Namco Changed the World: The Birth of Game Music" by Shigihara Moriyuki

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Release date: 2023/8/29

It All Started with Namco
"Pac-Man", "Galaxian", "New Rally X", "Xevious", "Mappy".

Exploring the secret of the birth of video game music, which is now enjoyed around the world.

It is hard to believe today, but in the early days of video games, there was no game music. How in the world did game music come into being, and how did Japan's unique game music market, which is unparalleled in the world, come to be formed? In unraveling the history of the process from the birth of video game music to the present day, one cannot avoid Namco's works from its early days in particular, which have rarely been looked at.

From sound effects to music: The truth about the pioneers' trials and errors and the early days of Namco, based on numerous interviews and testimonies.

256 pages

★Talk & Signing Event to Commemorate the Publication 
"Interviews with Game Musicians"
"How Namco Changed the World"
October 9, 2023 (Monday, holiday) 12:00-14:00 (tentative)
at Akihabara Shosen Book Tower 9F Event Space


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Prehistory of "Game Music
Chapter 2: The Entry of Namco, the Legendary Maker
Chapter 3 "Father of Game Music," Nobuyuki Ohnogi
Chapter 4 The Birth of Composers Specializing in Game Music
Chapter 5 The Formation of the "Game Music" Market

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Author's Profile
Morihiro Shigihara
ASAHI SHIGIHARA made his debut in 1993 as a strategy writer for "Gamestop Monthly. After working as a manager of a game arcade and a sales representative for a game manufacturer, he became a freelance writer focusing on game media in 2004, and in recent years, he has been involved in the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Media Arts Collaboration Promotion Project, and has been collecting and recording oral histories of the game industry history. He is the author of "Famidas NES Ura-Gijutsu Hen" and "Game Craftsman No.1" (both published by Micro Magazine), and co-author of "Digital Game Textbook" (SB Creative) and "Game Nics" (Nikkei BP), which changes the business. He has served as the representative of the Japan Society for Digital Game Studies.