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『ele-king cine series : Music film guide - 40 latest biographies and documentaries, from rock to soul and jazz.』ele-king editorial department (ed.)


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『ele-king cine series : Music film guide - 40 latest biographies and documentaries, from rock to soul and jazz.』ele-king editorial department (ed.)


A round-up of the increasingly excellent music films that have been released in recent years, including documentaries, biopics and live films!

Monterey Pop, released in March, and the genealogy of festival films.

Peter Barakan - Talking about the Music Film Festival
Noriko Oishi (Film director)

A comprehensive introduction to the excellent music films and masterpieces that have been on the rise in recent years, from rock films such as Moon Age Daydream and Stop Making Sense, to social music documentaries such as Summer of Soul, White Riot and Freedom, Walls and Hip Hop!

Table of Contents.

Special feature: "Monterey Pop".
Review The legendary festival that became an epoch in pop culture history - 'Monterey Pop' Yuji Shibasaki
Column Genealogy of festival films Yuji Shibasaki

Peter Barakan Various Places, Various Music: On Music Film Festivals
Noriko Oishi: "How sensitively can we react to the sounds that are being played there?

The Beatles Get Back and the Beatles documentary film Zaomi Morimoto
David Bowie: The David Bowie Moon Age Daydream and the David Bowie films Naoto Mori
A musician who is difficult to explain: ZAPPA, Hawk Terasawa.
Smiling, rich music and comedy - Frank Zappa's 200 Motels Hawk Terasawa
A genealogy of biographical films - "Elvis" and others Machizo Hasegawa
Tom Hiddleton plays a country legend in I Saw the Light Itaru Mita
The Band: Once We Were Brothers" Yuji Shibasaki
Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Travelin' Band" Yuji Shibasaki
The New York art scene surrounding the Velvets - "Velvet Underground", "Songs for Drella" Hazuki Kamijo
David Byrne in 1984 and 2020: "Stop Making Sense" and "American Utopia" Atsushi Sasaki
The boxy world of the Mael brothers and Edgar Wright ─ ─ "The Sparks Brothers" Naoto Mori
Free women born of punk - The Slits: Here to Be Hard, Hazuki Kamijo
The rise and fall of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll: "Creation Stories: The man who rewrote the world music scene" Motokazu Sugita
Outlaw Scum Fuck (or) A record about the bloody saints: "Full Body Hardcore GG Arin" + "The Arins: The Best Family You'll Ever Love" Hiroshnikov
A cult classic that is attracting renewed attention - 'Babylon', Nonaka Momo
A beautiful record of a revolution revived: Summer of Soul (Or, When the Revolution Wasn't Televised)" SHIBUYA Megumi
The Solitude of the King: James Brown - The Man with the Greatest Soul" Tadasu Mita
Hip-hop as a comprehensive art form: "STYLE WARS" Dai Yoshida
Listening to the voices behind the wall - "Freedom, Wall and Hip Hop" Dai Yoshida
Approaching Shorter's black magic ─ ─ "Wayne Shorter: The World of Weightlessness" Machizo Hasegawa
Renewing the image of John Zorn - "ZORN" Shigetsugu Hosoda
Roots music's mess - "American Epic" by Mamoru Goto.
A synth lover's dream space ─ ─ "Shock de Future" by Zaomi Morimoto
Where physical culture goes - "Other Music" Mizuki Kodama
Whereabouts of Love ─ ─ "Maestro: His Music and His Love" by Motokazu Sugita
A live film with a thorough attention to sound ─ ─ "Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA", "Ryuichi Sakamoto PERFORMANCE IN NEW YORK : async" Motokazu Sugita
The moment when lost music comes back to life: "Bring Ming Yeow Back! Morimoto, Zaomi
Space is the Place -- The "place" where Shibusachirazu and Saturn Sun Ra meet -- "NEVER MIND DA Shibusachirazu Bangaichi" Mamoru Goto
Live and Fall ─ ─ "THE FOOLS: Songs of Fools", Naoto Mori.
Band and Life in the Corona Disaster - "Document Sunny Day Service" Rio Yasuda
Unravelling the myth of a genius and passing it on - "Kaoru Abe was there -documentary of kaoru abe-" Shigetsugu Hosoda
Two Sakamido-kei films ─ ─ "Sadness no Forgotten" documentary of Nogizaka 46" and "Bokutachi no Uso to Shitsu Documentary of Keyakizaka 46" Itaru Mita
Letting the momentum carry you along ─ ─ "Volunteers for idiots" - Zaiomi Morimoto

Where is politics?
Police, Sludge and Spirituality ── Introduction to Reggae Films Hiroshi EBKAITSU
Music Documentaries by Film Directors Yuji Shibasaki
A (Reverse) History of Indian Cinema in Song and Dance

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