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"Tokyo Public Bath Sauna Guide" ele-king Editorial Department (editor) Koichi Oki, Sauna Yomogida (author)


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"Tokyo Public Bath Sauna Guide" ele-king Editorial Department (editor) Koichi Oki, Sauna Yomogida (author)

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Release date: 2023/03/28

Relaxing enjoyment of public bath sauna

The boom in saunas continues to grow, with more and more luxury facilities opening, including high-end saunas equipped with a variety of equipment and tent saunas set in the middle of nature.

However, what you will never forget is the sauna of the public bath, which is closely connected to the living space.

We will thoroughly introduce recommended public baths from a sauna perspective, from long-established public baths that retain the scent of the Showa era to new generation public baths that have been renovated and have a new appeal!

We also feature an interview with Kentaro Imai, a pioneer of designer public baths that has received a lot of attention from public bath fans!

table of contents

Kentaro Imai Interview
30 recommended public baths by route 31
10 public baths recommended by sauna girls (sa girls) for women
Tokyo public bath sauna list

*As of March 2023, the bathing fee for public baths in Tokyo is 500 yen.
The "sauna fee" mentioned in this document indicates the additional fee to be paid in addition to the bathing fee when using the sauna.
Other information contained in this document is basically current as of March 2023.

●Author profile

Koichi Ohki
Born in 1972. He has loved public baths since he was a child, and although he discovered the appeal of saunas a few years ago, he is an eternal sauna novice who is somewhat weak in spiritual aspects. He is happy to be watching Sumo on TV in Samuro, or the ``Secret Kenmin SHOW''. His favorite water bath temperature is 16 degrees.

Sauna Yomogida
Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. After being saved by the sauna, he started promoting the use of saunas. He primarily writes, lectures, consults, hosts events, and appears in the media regarding saunas. His book is ``Atsushi's Work Style'' (Paru Publishing).