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new edition “Just Ride: A Radical and Practical Introduction to Bicycling” by Grant Petersen (author)


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new edition “Just Ride: A Radical and Practical Introduction to Bicycling” by Grant Petersen (author), Atsuko Numasaki (
translator),BLUE LUG (


Revolutionary bicycle manual that overturns the conventional wisdom of the bicycle world, now reissued in a new edition

What equipment and knowledge is really necessary for cyclists? What is actually unnecessary? What is fake information?
A best-selling introduction to bicycling, written in a slightly radical, humorous, and engaging style from the West Coast of the United States.

An introductory guide to bicycling in the United States by Grant Peterson, a popular bicycle columnist and charismatic figure in the U.S. bicycle industry who runs the Rivendell bicycle brand.

From how to ride a bicycle, what equipment you need (and what equipment you are told you need but actually don't), the concept of safety, how far bicycles can go in terms of health and fitness, what accessories you need, how to wash your car more cheaply and efficiently, and even bicycle philosophy. He generously offers practical wisdom and information, while overturning conventional wisdom in the bicycle world.

We, hobby cyclists who are not racers, have the privilege of enjoying bicycles more freely and more fashionably than racers. Let's dispel our wrong knowledge about bicycles and ride our bicycles until they fall to pieces!

Grant Petersen
He is the founder of Rivendell, a San Francisco bicycle manufacturer. As a writer, he has contributed to many major outdoor/bicycling magazines, including Bicycling, Outside, and Men's Journal. He is the author of Eat Bacon, Don't Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit. (2014).

Atsuko Numasaki
She graduated from Sophia University with a degree in Newspaper. He has translated many books, including "The R.E.M. Story," "Guns N' Roses," "Prince A Pop Life," "Autobiography of George Michael the Naked," "True Colors: The Autobiography of Cyndi Lauper," and "Total Performer Laurie Anderson. By the way, she is a jogger, not a motorcycle rider.

A bicycle shop with three stores in Tokyo, Rivendell has been dealing with Rivendell since 2014. He learned not only the techniques but also the philosophy from Grant, the author of the book. While doing daily repair and maintenance work as a bicycle shop, he is also dedicated to spreading the Just Ride philosophy. Of course, Rivendell bicycles are available for purchase.