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Mark Fisher (Author) The Ghosts of My Life: Depression, Possession, and a Lost Future


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Mark Fisher (Author) Kentaro Goi (Translation) "The Ghosts of My Life: Depression, Possession, Lost Future"

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Release date: 2019/01/31

★46 size
★384 pages

Why did the future disappear from music?

The hope of ghosts emerging from the remains of things that have passed

How can we overcome the endless malaise of the 21st century?
--Cultural theory written by an up-and-coming British contemporary thinker after "Capitalist Realism"
And a response to accelerationism


Commentary: Hayato Takahashi/Annotations: Mariko Sakamoto + Tsutomu Noda

[Music featured in this book]
Joy Division, Belial, The Caretaker, Goldie, Tricky, John Fox, James Blake, Kanye West, Darkstar, Junior Boys, etc.

[Movies and TV series and novels]
"The Shining", "Memento", "The Circus of Betrayal", "Life on Mars", "Content", "Saturn's Rings", "Handsworth Songs", David Peace's Yorkshire tetralogy, etc.

■Voices from “The Ghosts of My Life”

After that outstanding ``Capitalist Realism'', ``The Ghosts of My Life'' is Mark Fisher's novel about ghosts and ghosts, between past, present and future, permeated by fear and discord. It confirms that it is the greatest and most reliable guide of the various unhinged times.
──David Peace (author of the Yorkshire tetralogy, ``Red or Dead'', etc.)

Mark Fisher interprets the modern world differently than any other analyst of its misery, madness and morality. What drives him is anger. But hard to get, he also makes it known that such reactions are justified. His work is inspiring, enlivening, deeply captivating, and most of all, thoroughly animated. The world we have created would be worse without his book.
──Neil Griffiths (Author of Sheepshagger, etc.)

How is pop culture connected to politics and the lives of individuals whose emotions are managed by digital capitalism? Ghosts of My Life establishes Mark Fisher as one of the most insightful explorers of these questions. What is most admirable about Fisher's work is its clarity. But his clarity stems from his sense of obligation to communicate his ideas, his high hopes for the power of popular art to challenge, enlighten, and heal, and his resolute refusal to compromise. It is a reflection of the
──Simon Reynolds (authors include "Postpunk Generation 1978-1984")

A must-read for modernists and those who yearn for the future. This book is the first author to truly clarify the ambiguity of the idea that has been called ``possession theory.'' "The Ghosts of My Life" is simply an interesting read, new and exciting.
──Bob Stanley (Saint Etienne/DJ)

■ Admiration for "Capitalist Realism"

"Let's be clear: Fischer's resolutely readable book is without a doubt the best diagnosis of our predicament. Without sacrificing anything, he presents an unsparing portrait of our ideological misery.Although the book is written from the perspective of a radical leftist, Fischer does not accept easy solutions. "Capitalist Realism'' is a serious call to patient theoretical and political work.It is a book that breathes freely in the sticky atmosphere of our times. “It makes it possible.”
──Slavoj Žižek

"What has happened to our future?'' Mark Fisher is the supreme cultural diagnostician, and in Capitalist Realism he examines the symptoms of our current cultural pathology. We live in a world where we are told over and over again that "there is no alternative.'' The harsh demands of a "just-in-time'' market drain all our hopes and beliefs. Oops. While living in the "eternal present,'' it no longer seems possible to create a future different from the present. We are stuck in a quagmire and there seems to be nothing we can do. This book provides an excellent analysis of such widespread cynicism.
──Steven Shaviro

"At last, an analysis of modern capitalism that combines rigorous cultural analysis with unflinching political criticism has emerged.It is the result of "business ontology'' in education and "market Stalinism'' in public life. In illustrating the pernicious effects of capital, Fisher exposes a new cultural logic of capital. This is a stimulating and must-read book, especially for anyone who wants to talk seriously about political issues in education."
──Sarah Amsler


Mark Fisher
Born in 1968. He studied philosophy at the University of Hull and completed his PhD at the University of Warwick. While teaching at Goldsmiths, University of London, he shares his music theory on his blog ``K-PUNK''. This has become popular among many students and musicians. He published his masterpiece ``Capitalist Realism'' in 2009 while writing for ``The Guardian'' and ``Fact''. He committed suicide in January 2017 at the age of 48. His death was mourned by some of the biggest names in UK music criticism, including Simon Reynolds, John Savage and Paul Morley, and tributes and reminiscences of his work were published in various media outlets.

Kentaro Goi
Born in 1984. Currently a part-time lecturer at Tohoku University of Art and Design. Translated by Marguerite Duras, “Only madmen write perfectly” (“Marguerite Duras”, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2014), and Virginia Woolf, “Stain on the Wall” (“HAPAX” No. 7, Yakosha, 2017) )Such. His specialty is surrealism research.


table of contents

00: Lost Future

"Slow Erasure of the Future"
The ghosts of my life - Goldie, Japan, Tricky

01: Returning to the Seventies

No More Joy - Joy Division
Smiley's Strategy: "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"
The past is an alien planet - the first and final episodes of "Life on Mars"
“Can the world be as miserable as it seems?” – David Peace and his adaptors
Well, let's put that aside---Jimmy Savile and the "disputed 1970s"

02: Possession Theory

Post-rave London: Belial
Downcast Angel──Interview with Belial
The Caretaker liner notes
Memory impairment──Interview with The Caretaker
Home is a place where ghosts live--the theory of possession in "The Shining"
Possession theory blues──Little Ax
Nostalgia for modernism: The Focus Group and Belberry Polly
Arch of Nostalgia - The Advisory Circle
Someone else's memory - Asher, Philippe Jeck, Black to Come, G.E.S, Position Normal, Mordant Music
"An old ray of sunshine from another time and another life" - John Fox's "Tiny Color Movies"
Electricity and Spirits: Interview with John Fox
Another gray world: Darkstar, James Blake, Kanye West, Drake, and “Party Possession Theory”

03: Place stains

"I've always longed for the time when we ran away from ourselves." - Laura Oldfield Ford Preface to "Savage Messiah"
Nomadalji──Junior Boys' "So This Is Goodbye"
Ambiguous part: Chris Pettit's "Content"
Postmodern antiques: “Patience (After Sebald)”
The Lost Unconscious: Christopher Nolan's Inception
``Handsworth Songs'' and the British Riots
"The Imperceptible Future Tremors" ──Patrick Keeler's "Robinson in the Ruins"

Ghosts Heading to the Open "Outside" --- Mark Fisher's Thought and What It Aimed for (Hayato Takahashi)