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"SOUL definitive 1956 - 2016" by Yoriko Kawachi


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I want to read it now that black culture is on fire.
The definitive soul/funk/R&B disc guide for 60 years!

From Sam Cooke to Beyonce, James Brown to D'Angelo.
While changing its style according to the times, it has such a close relationship with society,
And no other popular music has so captivated the world.

The latest in the "definitive" series is a 60-year soul/funk/R&B chronicle.
Covering from the dawn to the present in 2016, this book tells how Seoul began and
It reveals the flow of how it has changed and reached the present.
A book I want to read now that black culture is on fire.

The supervisor and author have been writing about black music for over 30 years,
Yoriko Kawachi is a veteran music writer. This is truly the “definitive edition”!

First edition only with access key to the electronic version