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Spangle call Lilli line『Remember』LP


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Spangle call Lilli line『Remember』LP

Format: LP
Price: 3,980 yen + tax
Release date:2021/07/28

★ First-time limited production

The momentum of spangles doesn't stop! With the perfect me as a mix engineer, the essence of the late 80s & amp; early 90s, which is the origin, is reconstructed into pop with the current mood. The latest work "Remember" showing the new mode of SCLL, which has passed the 20th anniversary of its formation, has been recorded as a color vinyl!

In February 2020, the 20th anniversary best album was released, and in October of the same year, two analog titles of "Nagai" and "slightly" were released at the same time. The latest work "Remember" released by Spangle call Lilli line in March 2021 has been recorded as a color vinyl!

This is the first original album since 2019'Dreams NeverEnd', and the up-and-coming sound creator the perfect me, whose collaboration with Franz K Endo, who is popular for his unique world-view animation such as "MAD Doraemon", has become a hot topic. Is appointed as a mix engineer. While retaining the image of traditional post-rock, the work is finished with a pop essence that corresponds to the recent 90's boom. Starting with A1 with an impressive glittering synth sound, A2 with a minimal ensemble and 90s-like atmosphere popping, A3 that develops from an irregular rhythm to the latter half groovy, I can not think of a band that has been formed for 20 years. From B1 with a fresh atmosphere to B4 with a simple melody reminiscent of the early SCLL, SCLL's new sound is an exquisite blend of nostalgia and new modes!

■Track list

  • 1.after squall
  • 2.epic
  • 3.millim
  • 4.zou
  • 1.april
  • 2.said and done
  • 3.Maleana
  • 4.near you