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HOLGER CZUKAY『Radio Wave Surfer』LP


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HOLGER CZUKAY『Radio Wave Surfer』LP

Format: LP

★First complete limited edition

The only live album by HOLGER CZUKAY under his solo name! A truly canned masterpiece, mainly based on improvisation! [Released in 1991.]

The first and last live album by HOLGER CZUKAY, recorded entirely with a single stereo microphone and never mixed, compiles recordings from 1984-87 and features two former Can allies, Jaki Liebzeit (ds) and Michael Karoli (g), plus Sheldon Ansell (vo) from the Phantom Band. In addition, Sheldon Ansell (vo) of the Phantom Band joins the band. The A-side (1987), in which Ansell delivers vocals reminiscent of early Can singer Malcolm Mooney, the B1 (1986), which is said to be a concert rehearsal recording, and, as the album title suggests, the shortwave radio sounds collaged throughout, and the interplay between Czukay, Liebetzeit and Caroli's performances, are thrilling. The intertwining of the three musicians' performances is as thrilling as it gets on B2 until B6. The sound of gongs (and a clapperboard-like sound) at the end of the piece is very moving.

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. Rhine Water
  • 2. It Ain't No Crime
  • 3. I Get Weird Dreams
  • 4. Saturday Night Movie
  • 5. Dr. Oblivion
  • 6. We Can Fight All Night
  • 7. Get It Sweet
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Ride A Radio Wave
  • 2. Atmosphere Tuning
  • 3. Voice Of Bulgaria
  • 4. Late Night Show
  • 5. Through The Freezing Snow
  • 6. Encore

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