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JOE PASS『Behind Better Days』 LP


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JOE PASS『Behind Better Days』 LP

Format: LP

★Complete limited edition
★With Obi
★First LP reissue

The first VINYL of a fantastic album by jazz guitar virtuoso Joe Pass, the cornerstone of the super-premium Better Days, which sold out instantly on reissue! 
This is a definitive jazz funk album featuring simple but well-honed secret studio sessions with a trio of guitar, bass and drums that took place before and after the production of Better Days!

Joe Pass, a renowned jazz guitarist, recorded "Better Days" in 1971 with top musicians from the West Coast, and it is highly acclaimed as a masterpiece for listeners of jazz guitar, acid jazz and soul.  The valuable studio sessions with bassist Carol Kaye and drummer Paul Humphrey, who were also musicians on Better Days at the same time, are finally being made available on VINYL for the first time! The sharp guitar playing of this simple trio formation is a jazz funk album that allows you to fully appreciate Joe Pass's skill and talent as a guitarist! This is the world's first release in VINYL/LP format, although it was previously released in CD format as a bonus track on 'Better Days'!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. The Preacher
  • 2. Bass Blues
  • 3. Flying Down to Baja
  • 4. My Bonnie
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Love Is
  • 2. In the City
  • 3. Slick Cat
  • 4. Better Days (Alternate Take)
  • 5. Alison
  • 6. We' ll Be Together Again

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