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Format: 2LP
Release date:2023/08/16

★First complete limited production

The long-awaited analog version of KOJOE's 2017 masterpiece "here," one of the scene's best rappers, is now available in a 2-disc version! In addition to numerous classic tracks including "BoSS RuN DeM" Feat. AKANE & Awich, the album also includes the bonus track "Salud (illmore Remix)" Feat. MUD & FEBB!

Born in Niigata, Japan and raised in Queens, NY, KOJOE is known for being signed to the independent NY label RAWKUS, and since returning to Japan, he has performed with numerous artists with his highly skilled rap style, mixing English and Japanese and using both his rapping and singing skills, and has received overwhelming support within the scene! Rapper KOJOE's masterpiece album "here" released in 2017 is now available in a long-awaited 2-disc analog version! Featuring classic tracks such as "BoSS RuN DeM" Feat. AKANE & Awich, "Salud" Feat. MUD & FEBB, "Cross Color" Feat. Daichi Yamamoto, "PenDrop" Feat. ISSUGI, and many more, the album also includes tracks from 5lack and Campanella, Dusty Husky (DINARY DELTA FORCE), OMSB (SIMI LAB), BES, RITTO, PETZ (MONYPETZJNKMN), YUKSTA-ILL, MILES WORD (BLAHRMY), ACE HASHIMONTO, SOCKS, Buppon, DAIA, and Mayumi. The bonus track "Salud (Illmore Remix)" Feat. MUD & FEBB, which was previously released only as a music video, is included!

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■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. KING SONG Feat. Mayumi
  • 2. Smiles Davis Feat. Dusty Husky & Campanella
  • 3. PenDrop Feat. ISSUGI
  • 4. Prodigy Feat. OMSB, PETZ, YUKSTA-ILL, SOCKS, Miles Word, BES
  • 5. 80 Connections
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Memory Lane Feat. DAIA
  • 2. Tokyo City Lights Feat. Ace Hashimoto & 5lack
  • 3. Salud Feat. MUD & Febb
  • 4. Road Feat. Buppon
  • 5. Mayaku
    SIDE C:
  • 1. Cross Color Feat. Daichi Yamamoto
  • 2. PPP
  • 3. to my unborn child
  • 4. 3rd "I"
  • 5. BoSS RuN DeM Feat. AKANE & Awich
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Day n Nite
  • 2. here
  • 3. Everything Feat. RITTO
  • 4. Salud feat. MUD & Febb (illmore Remix)