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Format: LP
Release date:2023/07/19

★First complete limited production

A masterpiece of Japanese ambient music that weaves together the essence of various electronic music with precision production! This is the first full-length album by yanaco, an electronic musician who has been traversing electronic music since the 1990s, from beatless sounds such as electronica and chillout to downtempo, trip-hop, and breakbeats!

The precise production, built up from layers and layers of sampling and programming, and the sensational sound fragments glimpsed amidst the tranquil sound are a truly heavenly soundscape that invites all listeners to enter a cinematic world!

URBAN WAVES, a Belgian label that hooks up up-and-coming beatmakers from all over the world, will finally release the long-awaited first album following the EP "tttwoface" released in 2022!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Colors
  • 2. 回想(recollection)
  • 3. Doze
  • 4. Sophisticated Savage
  • 5. 軌道(Orbit)
  • 6. When
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Memories
  • 2. After Dark
  • 3. Planet of Sorrow
  • 4. Yanc
  • 5. 木霊(echo)
  • 6. Dawn