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糸井光弥 国歌ジャズバンド、大津賀八郎 スタンダードジャズバンド他『へたジャズ!昭和戦前インチキバンド1929-1936』LP


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糸井光弥 国歌ジャズバンド、大津賀八郎 スタンダードジャズバンド他Heta JAZZ! SyouwaSenzen Inchikiband 1929-1936』LP

Format: LP
Release date:2023/05/17

★First complete limited production
★With obi

The best-selling album of "GRAMORABU", which reissues SP sound sources, is finally available on analog LP!

This is awful!
The phony jazz records of the early Showa era are revived for the 100th anniversary of jazz music! The phony records that were sold at night stalls in the early Showa period. The "Best of Bad Jazz Music" selected from among them has been revived with the latest digital mastering beyond 80 years! 12 songs selected from 23 gems including hit numbers such as "Arabian Song," "My Blue Sky," "Dinah," and "Shanghai Lil," which have been released on CD!
Florence Foster Jenkins would be surprised! There are drunken, lost singers, jazzmen challenging difficult tunes, and clowning around! However, this is also a raw and precious record of a prewar Showa era jazz band!

The exhibition will provide a unique perspective on society, culture, and the world buried in history before, during, and after World War II. During World War II? The label "Gramo Club" is dedicated to presenting SP sound recordings from the prewar, wartime, and postwar periods on CD, and has 45 CDs of their labor. P Vine will release 45 CDs on LP with remastering suitable for analog LPs, transcending time and space to make them easier to listen to.

The exhibitions at the Nakanoshima Library in Osaka and the Yomiuri Shimbun's Tokyo headquarters in Tokyo (2022), which featured a collection of rare SP records (SP vinyl), were well received, and we are preparing for another exhibition next year with a new composition. A new project by P Vine and GRAMORABU is also underway, so stay tuned!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. 青空(My Blue Heaven)
  • 2. アラビヤの唄(Sing me a Song of Araby)
  • 3. テルミー(Tell me)
  • 4. 嘆きの天使(Falling love again)
  • 5. バガボンド(Song of the Vagabonds)
  • 6. ウイズ・マイ・ギター・アンド・ユー(With my guitar and you)
  • 7. 上海リル(Shanghai Lil) 2:52 ユージニー宮下
    SIDE B:
  • 1. 可愛いゝ赤ん坊(Yes sir, That's my baby)
  • 2. ためいき(Sigh and cry Blues)
  • 3. ピューグル・コール・ラグ(Bugle call Rag)
  • 4. セントルイスブルース(St. Luois Blues)
  • 5. ダイナー(Dinah)
  • 6. お祭り気分(Fiesta)
  • 7. スペインの姫君(Lady of Spain)