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ADRIAN YOUNGE & ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD『Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison(JAZZ IS DEAD 016)(Color Vinyl)』LP


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ADRIAN YOUNGE & ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD『Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison(JAZZ IS DEAD 016)(Color Vinyl)』LP

Format: LP
Price: 5,000yen+tax
Release data: 2023/03/15

★Imported version with domestic distribution
★With obi
★Color vinyl

Jazz Is Dead" has become one of the most popular labels in the L.A. underground and jazz scene, thanks to its first series of 10 releases, which were successfully completed even in the midst of the Corona disaster, when the label was unable to hold the live events that are the starting point of the label. The sixth installment of the second series is now available. This sixth installment of the series features Phil Ranelin and Wendy Harris, founders of the legendary Tribe, one of the most important labels for spiritual jazz in the 1970s and a major influence on black music in the later rare groove context, as well as on the Detroit dance music scene and beyond. Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison!

In Detroit after Motown moved to LA in 1972, Tribe was not only a black-owned jazz label, but also focused on supporting the independence and community of the Detroit music scene. Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison, the founders of Tribe and the creators of many classic albums on the label, including Message from the Tribe. The Tribe's independent and independent activities have been highly acclaimed in later generations, including the Tribe project, a literal revival of the Tribe's music in a modern sound with the original members, which was realized by Carl Craig, a second-generation Detroit techno artist, and the Bildo Año project, directed by Carlos Nino, which was realized by the Tribe's founder, Wendell Harrison, and the Tribe's original members. The group has been collaborating with the younger generation for some time now, including Carlos Niño's Build an Arc, and now they are finally collaborating with "Jazz is Dead," as if it were an inevitable progression.
The album opens slowly with a passionate saxophone performance, and then turns into a sexy, intense jazz-funk opener "Genesis" in the middle section, capturing the hearts of fans of yesteryear. Metropolitan Blues," all of which show that the spirituality of the band has not been lost, and the expectations for this album are high. Spiritual? Adrian and Ali's ability to keep the listener on the edge of their seat with songs like the somber "Fire inDetroit" and "Ursa Major," which incorporates Detroit-esque funk and rock, while maintaining a black jazz sound throughout, is a marvel, but what's even more surprising is the fact that the band's sound has not diminished at all. What was even more surprising was the fact that the two main performers, Ranelin and Harrison, showed no signs of slowing down. The two are still active in their 80s, and have produced a masterpiece that should be called the latest "Message from the Tribe"!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Genesis
  • 2. Open Eye
  • 3. Running With The Tribe
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Fire In Detroit
  • 2. Ursa Major
  • 3. Metropolitan Blues
  • 4. Black Census