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Format: LP
Price: 3,500yen+tax
Release data: 2023/03/22

★First complete limited production

The intersection of melody and groove where young soul blows through.
It has been a year since their debut album "Gusokums" was well received by the public.
This is a must-hear album that breathes new life into "Neo Fuu Machi" with high expectations!
The long-awaited second album, including the smash hit single "Winter Whisper", is here!

Since their debut, Gusokums has been running at a brisk pace.
Their first album "Gusokums" won the 14th CD Shop Grand Prize.
The group's popularity has suddenly increased, as they have provided songs to popular singers 20th Century and Negicco's Kaede.
The limited analog LP "Gusokumuzukan," a collection of early sound sources, was released in September and also sold out.
Their new single "Winter Whisper", which preceded their second album, was released as a 7-inch, and their pace of release is also good.
The simple, catchy sound, sophisticated melody, and chic harmonies are still there.
The sound is concise, appropriate, and eloquent, and the minimum amount of instrumentation, with sharp playing here and there, makes the "song" itself stand out
The sound is a combination of melodic soulful, folky, sometimes funky rock and up-tempo guitar-pop numbers.
All members are songwriters, and the songs are more varied than on the previous album, with each member bringing their own individuality to the table.
This is a refreshing masterpiece that feeds on experience and plays good melodies with a good groove with sincerity and unaffectedness.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. 風を待って
  • 2. バスが揺れて
  • 3. 冬のささやき
  • 4. もうすぐだなぁ
  • 5. 夢にならないように
    SIDE B:
  • 1. シェリー
  • 2. ステンドの夜
  • 3. 冷たい惑星
  • 4. ハイライト
  • 5. ゆうらん船