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Format: LP
Price:3,980yen + tax
Release date:2023/05/24

★World's first reissue
★First complete limited production
★With obi

This is the world premiere reissue of an ultra-rare soul album released on the renowned Tiger Lily Records label, which is also famous for releases by the Jackson Sisters and Sounds of the City Experience, and is the pinnacle of the TAX SCAM label. This is the first world reissue of this ultra-rare soul album! This is the first time in the world that a rare Ultra Rare Soul disc from Tiger Lily Records, the top label of the Jackson 5 and the Jackson Sisters, has been reissued!

The cover is shocking pink with a single band logo, and the only credits are the song titles, the songwriter's name, and the Tiger Lily Records label name. In 1975, "Together" caught the attention of Michael Lang, one of the founders of the Woodstock Festival and a well-known producer, and was signed to a major record label and about to be released, but the lead singer's voice changed and he had to pull out. The album's unfortunate history, in which the lead singer was forced to withdraw due to a change in her voice, and the recording of the album at that time, which was released by Tiger Lily Records, are finally revealed in their entirety! Of course, it is not only the background of the album that is noteworthy, but also its contents, from the opening number "One Kiss And Then" (M1) with its catchy melody and danceable band sound with lovely vocals and harmonies to the sweet ballad "Can I Be The Woman" (M5), and the funky soul song "We're Together" (M12), which bears the band's name, this is a superb album filled with the best of 70's soul!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. One Kiss And Then
  • 2. What Am I Gonna Do Now
  • 3. The Disguise Of A Baby Girl
  • 4. Pull Over To The Side
  • 5. Can I Be The Woman
  • 6. I Won't Let It Get You Down
    SIDE B:
  • 1. We Got The Love
  • 2. I'll Tell You I Love You
  • 3. Love, Take Me High Above
  • 4. Love You, Need You, Want You
  • 5. All The Time You Blow My Mind
  • 6. We're Together