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THE LOVELITES『With Love From The Lovelites』LP


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THE LOVELITESWith Love From The Lovelites』LP

Format: LP
Release data:2023/04/19

★Limited First Edition
★With obi

The highly anticipated first LP reissue of the classic Chicago girl group! This is the only album released by the girl trio, Lovelites, in 1970, which is now quite rare!

The Lovelites, a Chicago teen girl trio led by Patti Hamilton. This is the only album produced by local heavyweights Clarence Johnsen (and Johnny Cameron). The album features cute and emotional vocals and harmonies backed by the superb Chicago sound created by Johnsson, who has also demonstrated his great ability in the work of Bryter Size of Darkness, another Chicago kid's group! She sings mainly slow and medium songs that are popular among low-riders, and her voice is so mature that you would not believe she is a teenager. A true masterpiece, featured in the "US Black Disc Guide". Translated with (free version)

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Oh My Love
  • 2. This Love Is Real
  • 3. You've Hurt Me Now
  • 4. How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad
  • 5. I'm In Love
  • 6. Gotta Let You Go
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Who You Gonna Hurt Now
  • 2. Certain Kind Of Lover
  • 3. I Love You (Yes I Do)
  • 4. I Don't Want To Cry
  • 5. I've Got Love
  • 6. Shy Boy