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Format: LP
Price: ¥4,500 + tax
Release date.:2022/12/21

★With obi
★Imported domestic distribution specification

〈JAZZ IS DEAD〉、The third in the second series! The first series of 10 releases, which were successfully completed in the midst of the Corona disaster, when the label's original live events could not be held, has made Jazz Is Dead the most popular name in the LA underground and jazz world today. The third installment of the second series is now available. Following the unveiling compilation of the first series and Gene Kern's second series, the third series features the next breakout star of the rapidly expanding LA jazz scene, Catalyst!

Catalyst, which also includes drummer Greg Paul, a frequent participant on the first series of Jazz Is Dead, is a jazz collective formed in 2014. While the individual members work behind the scenes, repeatedly performing with top musicians from Kendrick Lamar to Mac Miller, Anderson Paak to Beyoncé, Catalyst is a pop-up concert series featuring LA's most talented rappers and singers. They hosted #Inglewoodstock, a pop-up concert series featuring LA's most talented rappers and singers, and have played a role as the typhoon eye of the scene. Describing their musical style as 'contemporary instrumental', they've finally collided with another catalyst in LA's jazz scene, JAZZ IS DEAD!!! The Midnight Hour (Adrian Young & Ali Shaheed Muhammad) have performed with Roy Ayers, Gary Bartz and other masters of jazz funk and rare groove, but this is their first collaboration with a new generation. The album retains Adrian's signature bitter psychedelic sound and retro-soul essence throughout, while the strength of Catalyst's diversity is more than demonstrated, with all Kat members being songwriters. The transition from song to song is seamless, yet each emits a different tone and mood, and the variety and depth of the album, which departs from its foundational jazz and travels through hip-hop, neo-soul and dance music, is overwhelming compared to previous releases. The comfort of listening to this album, which makes you feel as if you have touched the core of black music, like the work of the Soulquarians, Moody Man or Thundercat, is a wonderful sign of the further evolution of "JAZZ IS DEAD". A masterpiece that sums up the excitement of the current LA jazz scene and at the same time will be the beginning of a new page!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. The Avenues
  • 2. Daybreak
  • 3. Corridors
  • 4. Summer Solstice
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Juneteenth
  • 2. Dogon Cypher
  • 3. Reflections