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INNFUMIAI-KUMIAI『Critical 11 (2022 Remastered)』2LP


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INNFUMIAI-KUMIAI『Critical 11 (2022 Remastered)』2LP

Format: 2LP
Price: ¥4,500 + tax
Release date:2022/10/19

★Limited First Edition Pressing
★With Japanese OBI-Strip

Formed in Osaka’s American-village, hip-hop supergroup, Infumiaikumiai is comprised of members from CHIEF ROKKA (SATUSSY, ERONE, DJ KAN), HEADBANGERZ (HIDADDY, 遊戯 (Yugi), DJ KITADA KEN, MENTOL), NOTABLE MC (OHYA (from daruma-san), AKIRA (from EVISBEATS), and ILL MINT’s very own MINT. Their debut album, Critical 11, gained them a cult following and recognition within the scene. Their second album, Jangal, saw them polishing their skills even more, and saw them gain mainstream success, with many music magazines calling it a landmark album for Japanese hip-hop. This pair of iconic albums is being remastered and reissued on vinyl for the first time ever, exclusively from P-VINE Records.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. 揃い踏み (Remastered)
  • 2. ゴエモン (Remastered)
  • 3. ミン to the ちゃん (Remastered)
  • 4. ポアゾン (Remastered)
    SIDE B:
  • 1. HEAD BANGER (Remastered)
  • 2. D・B・C (Remastered)
  • 3. skit (Remastered)
  • 4. ノータブルーム (Remastered)
  • 5. 転校生 (Remastered)
    SIDE C:
  • 1. What’s up B (Remastered)
  • 2. CRITICAL 11 (Remastered)
  • 3. ヤットデタマン (Remastered)
  • 4. あまからアベニュー (Remastered)
    SIDE D:
  • 1. Golden Time (Remastered)
  • 2. HI-〒 (Remastered)
  • 3. デンジャーレンジャー (Remastered)
  • 4. ChiChi’N-PuiPui (Remastered)