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Seiji Rokkaku『Hito wa Hito wo Sukuenai』LP


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Seiji Rokkaku『Hito wa Hito wo Sukuenai』LP

Format: LP

★First complete limited edition
★With Obi

Actor Seiji Rokkaku's first solo album "Hito wa Hito wo Sukuenai" (People Can't Save People), which has been called the best cover album of the year, will finally be released on LP as well!

Seiji Rokkaku's first solo album is a collection of folk/rock covers from the past. However, this is not the kind of work that makes you reminisce about the old days with a distant look in your eyes. As can be seen from the lineup of songs that includes Kamayatsu Hiroshi, Maki Asakawa, Yasumi no kuni, Kyozo Nishioka, and Neko, it is a cover album that is distinctly different from the nostalgic hit parade style, and is richly imbued with Rokkaku's own personality. The sound was produced by Taniguchi Yu. The album features new interpretations of sound by a new generation of rock musicians led by Taniguchi, as well as skilled musicians such as Wataru Iga and Toru Egami, and a cross-generational session between Taniguchi and Rokkaku.

In addition, Keiichi Suzuki's "Scampin" features his own participation. In addition, Shigeru Suzuki, Ren Takada, Takuro Okada, Shota Shunputei, and a variety of other guests also play excellent parts on the album. Yoshiro Nagato, one of the most important behind-the-scenes players in the Japanese rock/pop music world, was invited to supervise the project. Shiriagari Kotobuki created the title and illustration for the jacket, which leaves a strong impression. The album features a strong lineup of members, but Rokkaku's vocals have an unmistakable presence. One may not be able to save others, but his singing voice can gently move people's hearts.

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. やつらの足音のバラード
  • 2. 告別式
  • 3. あたしのブギウギ
  • 4. 雪の月光写真師
  • 5. 各駅停車
  • 6. スカンピン
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. 追放の歌
  • 2. サーカスにはピエロが
  • 3. 女の証
  • 4. 風景
  • 5. お前の町へ