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downy『Untitled 5th』LP


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downy『Untitled 5th』LP

Format: LP
Price: ¥ 3,980 + tax
Release date:2022/08/24

★Limited edition LP
★First time on vinyl★Influential Japanese post-rock band

Since the early 00s, downy have been building a fury of sound with delicately poised countenance. Their blend of post-rock, glitch and electronics goes through a number of transformations with every release, and this latest reissue of their fifth full album from 2013 pushed the limits, and reshaped their creative processes. For nearly twenty years, downy were a mainstay among felicity records’ roster, and this limited edition LP is the first time it's been pressed on vinyl. For fans of mono, Radiohead, mouse on the keys.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. 「」
  • 2. 赫灼セルロイド
  • 3. 日義ヲ見ヨ!
  • 4. 下弦の月
  • 5. 時雨前
  • 6. 黒
    SIDE B:
  • 1. 春と修羅
  • 2. 雨の犬
  • 3. 燦
  • 4. 或る夜
  • 5. 椿