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Ohayou Twintail『Kirahoshi』LP


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Ohayou Twintail『Kirahoshi』LP

P-VINE OFFICIAL SHOP Exclusive benefits:Kirahoshi ㊙CDR with 2 acoustic tracks (limited quantities, will run out)

Format: LP
Price: ¥3,500 + tax
Release date.:2022/06/15

★Limited edition production

The long-awaited LP release of 'ohayou twintail's' debut album 'Kirahoshi' is confirmed!

The long-awaited debut album by 'Ohayo Twintail', a special project of the music unit 'Sayonara Ponytail' (a.k.a. Sayoponi), which has never performed live, and whose activities are largely shrouded in mystery, is now being released on LP!
The groovy, soulful sound is a departure from Sayoponi's pop sound, and is a response to the city pop and AOR revival that has been gaining momentum in recent years due to a re-evaluation.
Debut album by a cute and fresh vocal group of three women, with a hint of respect for urban soul albums such as Sugarbabe's 'SONGS', Kenji Ozawa's 'LIFE' and Kirinji's '3'.

■Track list

  • 1. 世界にチャイムが鳴り響く
  • 2. 素敵なウイークエンド
  • 3. また恋におち
  • 4. きっと、みつけて
  • 1. ラブシック・ジェラート
  • 2. ふたりぼっち
  • 3. 余命365日のポニー
  • 4. 夜の宝石
  • 5. また恋におち(reprise)