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Format: LP
Price: 4,250 yen + tax
Release Date:2022/06/15

★First complete limited edition
★World's first LP reissue
★with obi

The only Jamaican rare groove in TSG's catalog of superb soul and funk rarities! The soft, mellow female vocals and the stylish synths are a delight, and aside from the peculiar background that it was also released on a different label with a different jacket, it is a masterpiece of Jamaican sweet soul and lovers!

Released in 1976, this album by Jamaican-born female singer Cynthia Schloss has the unique background of TSG's Tax Scam label, as it was also released in a different jacket on Merritone Music in the same year. The smooth, sweet Jamaican modern soul and lovers' tunes, which revolve around the pleasant vocals and the stylish synth sounds of Harold Butler, one of the most famous keyboardists on the reggae scene, are nothing short of wonderful! The album is finally being reissued as a reggae-lovers classic, including a cover of Bob Marley's classic 'Guava Jelly' (A4) and Margie Joseph's well-known hit 'Words Are Impossible' (B5)!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Red Rose
  • 2. There's A Fire
  • 3. Winstona B
  • 4. Guava Jelly
  • 5. Rhythm Of The Blues
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Love Forever
  • 2. Nightfall
  • 3. I Won't Cry
  • 4. Hurry To Me
  • 5. Words Are Impossible