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Letting Up Despite Great Faults『Letting Up Despite Great Faults』LP


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Letting Up Despite Great Faults『Letting Up Despite Great Faults』LP

フォーマット: LP
List price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2022/06/15

★World's first LP release
★First limited edition
★with obi

Letting Up Despite Great Faults," a great masterpiece released in 2009 that created a buzz among indie fans as a new kind of shoegaze and sold exceptionally long, is now available on vinyl for the first time in the world after a 12-year hiatus!

Letting Up Despite Great Faults' 2009 ST album was an inventive mix of sweet and sour, comforting melodies, dreamy soundscapes, and cheaply hammered rhythms and electro synth sounds. It is a friendly work that will not reject anyone who can make you nostalgic just by listening to it, and it is led by "Our Younger Noise," a great song recognized by indie listeners around the world, and "Folding," with its cute synths that seem to come out of a toy box in the intro. Under Stories Told" and "Photograph Shakes," a fusion of danceable beats and nostalgic dream pop. And to see this cover in vinyl size is priceless!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. In Steps
  • 2. Folding Under Stories Told
  • 3. The Colors Aren’t You Or Me
  • 4. Our Younger Noise
  • 5. Pause
    SIDE B:
  • 1. So Fast: You
  • 2. Photograph Shakes
  • 3. Sun Drips
  • 4. Release