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Format: LP
Price: ¥ 3,500 + tax
Release date.:2022/06/22

★First complete limited edition

Long-awaited LP of the latest release, enthusiastically received on the Analogfish scene, dubbed "the rock band the world needs"!

The colourful, elepop-like sound of 'Moonlight', which is based on a solid and simple band sound but mainly uses synthesiser sequences, and the danceable funk number 'Saturday Night Sky', in which Kentaro Sasaki's emotional vocals stand out. A fresh group of songs that expand the realm of expression. In addition, the melodic and lyrical sense of another songwriter, Akira Shimooka, who also has a sharp edge, is still present in this album. The insightful lyrics, including the live-ready 'Touch Me Not', and the catchy songs in the pop manner are all finished in a wide range of grains. The sound production is ironclad and the sound approach is lean and modern, with a straightforward message that resonates in the heart. The band's sound is a pop-modern experience, and the presence of supporting member Ryo Hamamoto, who injects a degree of alternative rock into the solos and backing tracks, is a hidden taste of his versatile guitar playing that has a strong point. The band's simple, minimalist ensemble, with its minimalist, stripped-back sound, is still intact, thanks to the leadership of producer Hitoshi Yoshida, who has built up a long-standing relationship of trust with the band. The result is a masterpiece of musical flexibility and foresight in accordance with new innovations!

■Track list

  • 1. Miharashi
  • 2. U.S.O.
  • 3. Is It Too Late?
  • 4. Saturday Night Sky
  • 5. Moonlight
  • 6. Yakisoba
  • 7. さわらないでいい
  • 8. うつくしいほし
  • 9. Can I Talk to You