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Format: LP
Price: ¥ 3,500 + tax
Release date.:2022/07/27

★First-run Limited Edition

New project by Robin Aoki of downy and Manukan, a trackmaker who has made a splash with his participation in RYUKYUDISKO!
Experimental and innovative electronic world, mixed by Masayuki Nakano (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES)!

Post-rock band downy leads the Japanese alternative rock scene with a hardcore sound that makes full use of odd time signatures.
A two-person unit with core member Robin Aoki and Manukan, a techno artist based in Okinawa and active in Asia, who has participated in ORANGE RANGE and RYUKYUDISKO.
A freaky composition of delicate melodies and meticulously constructed rhythms, based around an electro core that incorporates elements of noise and dub.
A melancholic electronic world that paints complex soundscapes with a minimalist touch that focuses mainly on the combination of performance and programming.
Cool electronic sounds and reverse-heavy organic sound textures, such as the use of Dutch artist (sculptor and physicist) Theo Jansen in the exhibition, have gained a transnational following. Experimentality explores contemporary trip-hop. The grooves that fantastically float between a sense of stagnation and openness are shaded, ephemeral and dreamy sounds.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. goodgirl
  • 2. coffee stone
  • 3. SAN
  • 4. Romeo
  • 5. 茜射す
    SIDE B:
  • 1. 然
  • 2. んで、no medicine
  • 3. work that
  • 4. 夜明けのキックバック
  • 5. THEO
  • 6. Death Lotus