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ERIK TAGG『Rendez Vous』2LP


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ERIK TAGG『Rendez Vous』2LP

Format: 2LP
Price: 5,300 yen + tax
Release Date:2022/05/25

★First time completely limited production
★Spread jacket
★2-disc set on colored vinyl
★First LP release of 4 songs not included in the original album

Blue-eyed soul SSW Eric Tagg's "Rendezvous" (1977) is now available on LP for the first time with a double-page jacket that faithfully reproduces the original, four additional bonus tracks that were previously only included on the CD release (for the first time on LP), and clear colored vinyl that recalls the cool green of the jacket!
The soulful and mellow sound, which has been compared to that of John Valenti, is not only a must listen for rare groove fans, but also for modern soul and AOR fans.

In the early 80's, Eric Tagg attracted attention as a singer and songwriter when he participated in the works of the famous jazz/fusion guitarist Lee Ritner. His soulful and warm voice has attracted many listeners, but the most attractive thing about him is his outstanding songwriting! With a light bass line by his brother Larry Tagg at the core, a stylish horn section and strings, light piano phrases scattered throughout the album, and Eric's vocals, the entire album is a perfect balance of harmony and mellow feeling. This is one of the most famous Blue Eyed Soul albums of the 70's! For this release, we've added four bonus tracks that were previously only available on CD, and we've also reissued the album on two discs of clear colored vinyl, reminiscent of the cool green of the jacket!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Got To Be Lovin' You
  • 2. Rendez-Vous
  • 3. Lover With Stature
  • 4. Fancy Meeting You
  • 5. Marja's Tune
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Babies
  • 2. Mutual Feeling
  • 3. Soul Touch
  • 4. Life Goes On
    SIDE C:
  • 1. Living Off The Love
  • 2. The Love I Gave
    SIDE D:
  • 1. Who Are You?
  • 2. Will They Be Listening?