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Sayonara Ponytail『All Night Thing』LP


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Sayonara Ponytail『All Night Thing』LP

P-VINE OFFICIAL SHOP限定特典: さよポニ特製ステッカー (数量限定・無くなり次第終了)


Price:3,500yen + tax
Release date:2022/02/14

★first-run limited production

Sayoponi's early masterpiece "Beyond the Momu Tree" will finally be released on LP after 10 years!

Sayonara Ponytail's 2011 indie debut album "Beyond the Momu Tree" will finally be released on LP, 10 years after its release! This album has not yet been distributed through subscriptions, and is regarded as Sayoponi's most important work, as it is one of the most popular albums among fans. And now, it has been newly remastered to give it a richer, higher resolution sound!

■Track list

  • 1. 思い出がカナしくなる前に
  • 2. 少し泣けたんだ
  • 3. 幻グッバイデイ
  • 4. ねぇ、ずっと好きでいてもいいかい?
  • 1. 会いたいよォ、また…
  • 2. 世界と魔法と彼の気まぐれ
  • 3. またね、バイバイ
  • 4. きみのことば