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Dylan Chambers『It's Time For Dylan Chambers!』LP


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Dylan Chambers『It's Time For Dylan Chambers!』LP

Format: LP

★World's first Japanese original edit.
★With Obi

Singer Dylan Chambers, with his vintage, rootsy soul, makes his Japan debut in 2023, ahead of the rest of the world!
A masterpiece of 20s soul, with a pop sensibility throughout, including "You Gotta Respect Yourself!" with Corey Wong!

Originally from Arlington, Texas, she moved to LA at the age of 18 to start her career. Vocalist/guitarist with a pop-oriented appeal that updates roots-based soul music to 2020.
He has performed with numerous artists including Haley Reinhart, Dave Koz, Three Dog Night, Steven Tyler and Tower of Power.
In 2014, while still in his early twenties, he participated as a singer/guitarist in the 'Dancing With The Stars' tour, a dance performance show featuring world-class dancers from all over the US.
Since 2020, she has been consistently releasing her own music exclusively digitally and has released 13 singles to date. This album is the first original album to be released in Japan, compiling the songs that have only been released via digital distribution into a single album!
Don'tGive Up On My Love", which was released for distribution last month, delivers sweet and sour sweet soul. The song 'You Gotta Respect Yourself!', featuring rhythm guitar master Cory Wong, who is also extremely popular in Japan, is a pleasant disco tune with light cutting guitars.
The album offers a 2020s interpretation of soul, funk, R&B, disco classics and pop music. Don't miss this talent, who is sure to take the soul scene by storm!


■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. You Gotta Respect Yourself! (feat. Cory Wong)
  • 2. Let’s Keep On Dancing
  • 3. Retro
  • 4. Loving You Is Easy
  • 5. Mystical and Paranoid (feat. G. Love & Special Sauce)
  • 6. Some Kind of Happy
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Breakdown
  • 2. What Kind of Fool
  • 3. Ya Feelin' Good
  • 4. Don’t Give Up On My Love
  • 5. Me Vs. Me
  • 6. I Can Do It Myself
  • 7. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher