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Natsu Summer『Natsu Summer & Dub Sensation』 LP


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Natsu Summer『Natsu Summer & Dub Sensation』 LP

Release date:2023/10/18

★First time pressed on vinyl
★Album from Japanese female city pop singer released in 2018"

Natsu Summer, whose name is becoming known not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries as a rare city-pop reggae singer, recorded her 2018 album with her steelpan-fuelled band Dub Sensation, which is being recorded for the first time. Kunimond Takiguchi (Streamline), who has produced almost all of her work in her career, is also involved in the production of this album. The song 'Japanese Reggae Woman', a tribute to the steelpan disco classic 'Reggae Is Here Once Again' by Steel An' Skin, and the songs by Kunimond Takiguchi, who has been responsible for producing the album since its debut, all The singer's personality is perfectly utilised and e-mura (BIM ONE, RUB-A-DUB MARKET), who mixed the album, has done an excellent job.


■Track list

  • A1. Aloha (Intro)
  • A2. Old-school Surfer
  • A3. Long Hot Summer
  • A4. You Are Sexy
  • B1. Time Silhouette
  • B2. Japanese Reggae Women
  • B3. Yoru wa Kirai
  • B4. Sleep and Steel (Outro)