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MORITA DOJI『FM Tokyo Pioneer Sound Approach』LP


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MORITA DOJI『FM Tokyo Pioneer Sound Approach』LP

Format: LP

★First complete limited edition
★With Obi

Legendary singer/songwriter Doji Morita's treasured live recordings are now available on CD and LP!

In 1975, Doji Morita made her debut with the single "さよならぼくのともだち/まぶしい夏". With her distinctive and enigmatic presence of sunglasses and curly hair, she stood out in the folk scene at a time of maturity, releasing "GOOD BYEグッドバイ" in the same year, followed by "マザー・スカイ=きみは悲しみの青い空をひとりで飛べるか=" (1976), "a Boy ボーイ" (1977), and a series of masterpiece albums. The album was a short but dense forest album. This is a live recording of an appearance on FM Tokyo's (now TOKYO FM) popular program "パイオニア・サウンドアプローチ" in the spring of 1978, when Morita was at the height of her short but intense career. This is a must-have live album for all fans, with the best selection of songs, delicate singing and playing, and valuable MC.

■Track list

  • SIDE A :
  • 1. MC
  • 2. 蒼き夜は
  • 3. ぼくを見かけませんでしたか
  • 4. 雨のクロール
  • SIDE B :
  • 1. ぼくと観光バスに乗ってみませんか
  • 2. 春爛漫
  • 3. さよならぼくのともだち
  • 4. 風さわぐ原地の中に