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Pia Fraus 『Evening Colours』 LP


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Pia Fraus 『Evening Colours』 LP

Release date2023/09/22

★First complete limited edition

★With Obi

Formed in 1999 by six students at an art college in Tallinn, Estonia, Pia Fraus has been a fixture on the Eastern European shoegaze scene for more than 20 years, releasing albums on America's number one shoegaze label, Shelflife Records, The band has released an album on Shelflife Records, the number one shoegaze label in the U.S., and will be coming to Japan in 2019, earning them the trust of shoegaze/dream pop listeners around the world.

The band's seventh album, "Evening Colours," has finally been completed, and while it is based on the comfortable dreamy sounds and thunderous shoegaze of Pia Fraus, the album is colorfully colored with new synths and chorus work.

The album starts off with "French Exit," a song with a soft, dreamy roar and a comfortable time passing by, followed by "Evening Colours," the title track and the third track on the album, in which Pia Fraus' smooth vocals, which are her strongest suit, melt into the dreamy soundscape. The retro synth sounds keyed to the fourth track, "Sunny Afternoon," are a new feature of this album, and they have the effect of warping the listener's imagination into a different space within the shoegaze-dream pop genre. The album also includes a number of songs that mix new styles with the Pia Fraus style, especially "Cloud Winterland," which makes the listener feel as if he or she is chilling on a cloud. The entire album is an easy listening album that creates a pleasant feeling of late afternoon while still retaining elements of roaring shoegaze.

■Track list

  • SIDE-A
  • 1. French Exit
  • 2. Fog on the Hills
  • 3. Evening Colours
  • 4. Sunny Afternoon
  • 5. Who's the Envelope-Man?
  • 6. Regret Everything
  • SIDE-B
  • 7. Confidential Information
  • 8. Another Artichoke
  • 9. Cloud Winterland
  • 10. We Melt
  • 11. Lost in Nights