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Format: LP
Price: 4,500yen+tax
Release data: 2023/10/25

★First complete limited edition
★2nd press
★With obi(Different color design from 1st press)
★Japan Exclusive Transparent Red Vinyl

Alvvays, an indie-pop band loved by indie listeners all over the world, is finally releasing their latest album "Blue Rev" after 5 years of absence! Molly's cute yet beautiful voice and catchy "melodies" that will make anyone's heart tremble are still alive and well!
This is definitely the masterpiece of the indie scene this year!

Alvvays, an indie band from Toronto, Canada, loved by indie listeners around the world, will release their third album "Blue Rev" in five years! With their second album "Antisocialites", Alvvays has been taking festivals around the world such as FUJI ROCK and Glastonbury by storm, and has grown to become one of the leading indie pop bands in the world. Blue Rev" features the dreamy, floating sound and vocals they have always used as their weapon of choice, Molly Rankin's beautiful and cute voice, and catchy melodies that will make anyone's heart tremble, as well as the "Alvvays verse" that listeners around the world have been waiting for. The opening track "Pharmacist" (M1), which opens the album with the Alvvays' signature "Pharmacist," and "Easy On Your Own?" (M2), which is so emotional with its shimmering melody reminiscent of the classic songs "Archie, Marry Me" and "In Undertow," are also available on the album. Own? The album is a masterpiece of the indie scene in 2022, and even with a different approach, such as the 80s-inspired "Very Online Guy" and "Velveteen," it succeeds in creating a catchy and Alvvaysque sound!

Blue Rev" was highly acclaimed by the music media, reaching #1 on Stereogum, FLOOD, Exclaim! It was also ranked #3 by Pitchfork and #1 by Stereogum, FLOOD, and Exclaim! It was also ranked across the board by the LA Times, NY Times, Rolling Stone, and various other media, and is regarded as the album by the leading rock band of 2022.

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■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Pharmacist
  • 2. Easy On Your Own?
  • 3. After The Earthquake
  • 4. Tom Verlaine
  • 5. Pressed
  • 6. Many Mirrors
  • 7. Very Online Guy
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Velveteen
  • 2. Tile By Tile
  • 3. Pomeranian Spinster
  • 4. Belinda Says
  • 5. Bored In Bristol
  • 6. Lottery Noises
  • 7. Fourth Figure