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Willie The Kid『The Fly 2.0 - Japan Edition』LP


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Willie The Kid『The Fly 2.0 - Japan Edition』LP

Format: LP
Release Date:2024/07/03

★Complete limited edition
★With Obi

The Fly 2.0- Japan Edition", a Japan-only project produced in 2011 to coincide with Michigan-born dope rapper Willie The Kid's Japan tour, is now available in long-awaited analogue format, featuring The Alchemist, Styles P, Cory Gunz, Lee Bannon, V DON and more!

The Fly 2.0 - Japan Edition" is a long-awaited analogue release from Willie The Kid, a dope rapper from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who has released numerous albums including joint projects with The Alchemist and V Don, and has gained an overwhelming following among underground hip-hop fans. The Fly 2.0 - Japan Edition", which was produced as a Japan-only project to coincide with Willie The Kid's 2011 tour of Japan, is now available in long-awaited analogue form! Compiled based on the mixtape 'The Fly 2.0', which was the talk of the streets at the time, the album features The Alchemist and V DON, as well as Styles P, Cory Gunz and Lee Bannon! The tracks are lined with soul-based sampling and should be re-evaluated now!

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■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. Al B Sure Dart
  • 2. Die Free
  • 3. Booth Shot Lincoln
  • 4. The Crazies...
  • 5. Fucking Toxic feat. Alchemist
  • 6. Live From The Ritz feat. Styles P
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Mimmie Rippleton Dart feat. L.A.D
  • 2. 1000 lashes
  • 3. Friends & Money feat. Cory Gunz
  • 4. Let's Ride
  • 5. Seth Brundle Freestyle
  • 6. The Understanding feat. Token Blaq Poet

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